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I Hear What You Are Saying

Written by Jason Gledhill, Engagement Leader at Lauras International. BBC Breakfast recently highlighted a report by The Academy of Medical…

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Planning Optimisation

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Practitioner at Lauras International. You’ve no doubt heard of the 7 Waste’s but What about the…

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Never Ending Story

Written by Jason Gledhill, Head of Reliable Maintenance at Lauras International Let me tell you a story… Gather round, listen closely. Once…

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Visible Leadership

Written by Adrian Oliver, Practitioner at Lauras International   “Sorry I’ll be late home again tonight, everything will be back…

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Top Reasons to Avoid Starting Improvement Activities

Written by Steve Roger, Global Managing Director at Lauras International,based in Melbourne, Australia   As someone who interacts with many…

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DBM Roadshows – Fed up with missed production targets?

Written by Erica Bassford, Head of Aspire at Lauras International.   Concerned by a lack of sustained improvement in your factory?  …

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What we’re doing is great. I’ve been wanting help like this for what seems ages, the structure for problem solving makes it easy for everyone to get involved.

Cell Technical Expert, Multi-Site Household Goods Company

It must be said that the concept of change management which Lauras were asked to bring in was a very big ‘ask’. Their work on the floor was very beneficial to change management. Lauras try to problem solve by using the workforce. This has to be done tactfully. They achieved it. They had the respect of the people on the floor and the management which is a major credit.

Peter Barnett, CFO, KR Castlemaine