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Theme Park Queues and Cycle Time Reduction

Written by Erica Bassford, Engagement Leader at Lauras International. Have you visited any theme parks recently? Got tired feet from standing still…

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The problem with FLM micro-management

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Manufacturing Improvement Practitioner at Lauras International I recently watched a review of Theresa May’s first month in post. It…

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Failing to Plan or Planning to Fail?

Written by Jason Gledhill, Head of Reliable Maintenance at Lauras International Those people fortunate enough to be a child in the 80’s…

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Where were you the day England played Wales in Euro2016?

Written by Adrian Oliver, Engagement Leader, Lauras International I was on my way back from a visit to the Weetabix factory…

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What would Claudio do?

Written by Adrian Oliver, Engagement Leader, Lauras International “Leicester City have just won the Premier League!” Go on say it again,…

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Making Lean work in FMCG

This blog is the fifth in a series written by Jeremy Praud, Head of UK & Europe. (To start at the beginning, click here.) 15 years…

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Before Lauras came I was facing a £2million factory extension project as my only solution for growth… I would recommend Lauras International to any food manufacturing business which wants to achieve rapid and sustainable productivity improvement.

Graham Whittle, Managing Director, Whitby Seafoods

I believe that the project has been the catalyst for some big changes in the way we operate and think. Your presence, support, enthusiasm and ability to engage the personnel involved has been integral to this.

Keith Bassett, Plant Manager, KR Castlemaine