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Who is in Power?

Written by Erica Bassford, Head of Aspire, Lauras International I recently asked a group of Front Line Managers ‘Who holds…

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Lost in France (getting nowhere fast without a Roadmap)

Written by Jason Gledhill, Head of Reliable Maintenance, Lauras International  Whilst recently creating an Improvement Project Roadmap for a new client…

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The Powerful Pareto Principle

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Senior Consultant at Lauras International. Imagine that you’ve just stepped into a new role. Unsurprisingly, you’ve inherited a…

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Free Speed?

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Senior Consultant at Lauras International. You really can get something for nothing… Ever been frustrated by the struggle…

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Tender Process Tips

Written by Jeremy Praud, Head of UK & Europe at Lauras International. I toyed with the idea of calling this blog ‘how…

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Feedback Ratio – 5.6:1

Written by Erica Bassford The best performing teams give each other feedback in a ratio of 5.6 positive to 1…

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The course has helped me to understand that there are lots of different types of people but you need a good mix to be an effective team and to get the best results.

Front Line Manager on Aspire Programme

We have known about that problem for ages, why did we wait until now to sort it out?