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When you get a minute

Written by Jason Gledhill The phrases “Can you just…” or “When you get a minute…” are well recognised by Maintenance…

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Asset care: a Four Step Approach

Why do machines fail? Deterioration, stress and weakness are the main factors in machine failure. When we buy a brand…

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Top Tips for Front Line Managers

Our last blog discussed the 3 ingredients that keep staff successfully engaged in manufacturing improvement programmes – Inclination, Ability &…

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Ingredients for Improvement: inclination, ability, time

The pressure to improve factory margins is on, and often during early periods of economic recovery inflationary pressures return with abundance,…

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5 Ways to Prioritise Asset Maintenance

Written by Jason Gledhill, Head of Asset Care, Senior Consultant at Lauras International. At the beginning of a new year,…

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The Art of Training

When you learn something new you think you understand it. Try to teach someone else to use it and you…

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It’s brilliant! We used to produce 3 or 4 full bins of waste a day now we’re down to less than ½ a bin! The final bit of work we do should reduce it to virtually nothing!

Operator – Branded Bakery

I believe that the project has been the catalyst for some big changes in the way we operate and think. Your presence, support, enthusiasm and ability to engage the personnel involved has been integral to this.

Keith Bassett, Plant Manager, KR Castlemaine