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The Power of Thank you. Are you managing your team?

In the popular TV show Undercover Boss the company CEOs learn what’s really going on within their company. Every episode…

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A Word in Line Control

What’s in a word? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet after all. However – a little…

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We’ve had the best of our best, which are better than most, working on this for years and they have not achieved these results. This has clearly been a significant breakthrough. The results show this.

Senior Supply Chain VP from International Beverage Business

With the support of the Lauras team, the Bars business unit has made great strides forward with some exceptional results. It has been gratifying to witness the confidence and capability of the people grow paralleling the rise in plant performance. I look forward with great optimism to the continuing journey and an ongoing partnership with Lauras International.

Mike Parsons, Head of Manufacturing, Weetabix