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About Lauras International

Company Profile

lauras-about-01Premier providers of Improvement Support
Lauras International has established operations in Australia, Singapore, UK, Europe, and works with an Alliance Partner in the Americas. The Lauras Management Team has significant experience in World Class manufacturing companies. Everyone has a track record of success in improving businesses from within – and the Lauras expertise is in helping businesses – large and small – implement rapid lean improvement programs, with genuine sustainability.

Our Approach

Guaranteed Results
Lauras International is not tied to one specific philosophy of improvement other than ‘what works’. Our collective experience has enabled us to put together all the key elements needed for truly sustainable improvement, be it improving poor performance or turning good performance into great performance – and we typically deliver 50% to 100% more profit improvement than has already been identified.


Our Team

lauras-about-03Proven Track Records of Improving Businesses
Our Specialists all have an exceptional track record of successful change within manufacturing businesses and are schooled in Lauras International IP to ensure they have the capability to support a business to make the most rapid improvement possible. We are results focused – so we roll up our sleeves and help clients to make the necessary changes to their businesses and behaviours to deliver the desired outcomes.


Awards & Recognition

lauras-about-04Gold Standard People Engagement
As a company we strive to continually improve our framework and pass on our expertise to clients. We value and encourage the contribution that our employees can make in shaping the direction and progressing the development of our company. As a result, we are the only Lean Improvement consultancy to have achieved the Gold Standard Investors in People Award – which we value alongside our other awards which recognise our expertise.


“Lauras” means Success

lauras-about-05Success for our Clients, Success for Us
The definition of “Lauras” is success – the name of the company stemming from the triumphs of ancient Rome, and tradition of putting a ‘Laurel’ wreath on the successful generals. We value our clients and recognise that we must work in partnership to deliver sustainable value and significantly improve returns to their businesses in order for us to succeed. We have a very successful track record in FMCG, our approach works across many sectors and cultures.



Things are getting done since the workshop started


With the support of the Lauras team, the Bars business unit has made great strides forward with some exceptional results. It has been gratifying to witness the confidence and capability of the people grow paralleling the rise in plant performance. I look forward with great optimism to the continuing journey and an ongoing partnership with Lauras International.

Mike Parsons, Head of Manufacturing, Weetabix