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Promoting Manufacturing in Schools
All of us here at Lauras International are passionate about Lean Manufacturing, and we work with local Primary and Grammar schools to promote the industry and explain the opportunities available to students if they were to have a career in Manufacturing.  We offer Introduction to Lean Principles and Problem Solving workshops to students to develop the highly transferable skills they would need to work in Manufacturing.

Lauras International has also donated Electronics Equipment to local schools with a view to encouraging children to learn the basics of electronics, and the hope of fuelling their ambitions to become Electronic Engineers!



Fundraising for Charity
The team can often be found fundraising for charity and Lauras International’s chosen charity is GroceryAid: a Helpline for people who have worked or are working in the UK grocery industry – from the factory to the shopfloor – who need some extra support.

Another charity close to our hearts is Shine, which we support whenever we can so that the organisation can continue to do the fantastic work it does for people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.


Sponsoring Industry Awards
Lauras International is sponsoring the ‘Star Performer’ category at the 2016 Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards. The Awards provide a great way for manufacturers aspiring to world-class standards to benchmark their performance.

In 2011, customer Weetabix achieved the top accolade at the Awards, winning Food Manufacturing Company of the Year.




Providing Educational Resources
Lauras International is passionate about helping children to access resources that further their education. An integral part of our lives, the Internet gives children access to information that can fuel their interests and support their education. As with all tools, children need to learn to use the Internet effectively – and safely. That’s why we are partnering with the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain to fund resources and training that enable primary school teachers to educate children about Internet Safety.





Supporting Sports Clubs
We are delighted to be able to support our very active local Cricket Club – Newby Hall Cricket Club (NHCC) and wish all the teams every success in their fixtures, as well as lots of fun at their various social events!  We are equally delighted with Boroughbridge Junior Football Club in which we show great interest and support and wish the players all the best in their matches in the Charter Standard League.


Inspiring the people in our business to understand how they can improve and the business can therefore develop, is an important building block in our drive for improving efficiency within our business. Engaging everyone in the business to realise that we can be better and any little improvement drives down to the bottom line. This has been seen both in the way the staff have engaged and enjoyed the experience and the evidence of reduced costs has helped the business to become more efficient. This process never stops but it is the tools that have been developed by Lauras International that has allowed us to deliver this important work at both our potato pack houses.

Fraser Scott, Head of Farming Operations Arable/Potatoes

Over the past three months I have been concentrating mainly on changeover reduction, waste reduction and increased throughput. There has also been a challenge to behavioural patterns. All of these efforts have been using the knowledge that you gave me and I am delighted to say that all have been successful, culminating in increased throughput, less waste and an increase in OEE from an average of 78% to around 90%. There has also been a marked improvement with people issues.

Alwin Waterhouse, Improvement Manager, British Bakeries