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About Lauras International / Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is for Lauras International to become a recognised brand name in delivering sustainable and “true” improvement to the businesses we work with. We are growing our business and our team to make Lauras International a world-renowned company offering improvement techniques not only to manufacturers, but to business in general.

We are a results focused business and therefore do not simply make recommendations to our clients. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and actually help them to make the necessary changes to their businesses and behaviours to deliver the desired outcomes. This involves aligning common purposes, changing behaviours, training and coaching client personnel, and implementing measurement and control systems throughout these businesses.



Our aspiration is to use the Lauras International Intellectual Property, and our own skills and ability to become the premier provider of all types of improvement support to businesses globally.

Our primary experience and focus is in manufacturing, and we are developing the approach in other sectors. We have an extensive track record for delivering results oriented solutions that reduce cost, improve quality, and transfer skills.

We provide value to our clients through releasing the available opportunity for improvement within a business to deliver sustainably improved returns to the bottom line. We successfully transfer skills by educating all levels of personnel in a business, and developing champions within an organisation to own and drive the ongoing improvement process.

We typically deliver more profit improvement than has already been identified in an organisation, and we deliver it faster, and not only leave sustainable improvements, but leave the local teams with the ability to drive an ongoing enhanced rate of improvement.


Our Values

Customer Focus – We value our clients and recognise that we must deliver sustainable value and significantly improve returns to their businesses in order for us to succeed.

Leveraging our Strengths – Our strength comes from individual creativity and leveraging individual’s strengths to help us all in our personal growth. By acknowledging and using our diverse talents we enable the Company’s

Honesty & Integrity – We value our principles and will always work in open partnership with people who share them.

Accountability – We are accountable for delivering our contribution and through team work ensure the support of our colleagues in delivering their contribution.

Continual Improvement – We will never stop improving. We value and encourage the contribution that our employees can make in shaping the direction and progressing the development of our company.

Reward – We recognise that the success and profitability of our business relies on our people. In growing our business we provide opportunities for increased wealth creation and personal development to all our employees.


It must be said that the concept of change management which Lauras were asked to bring in was a very big ‘ask’. Their work on the floor was very beneficial to change management. Lauras try to problem solve by using the workforce. This has to be done tactfully. They achieved it. They had the respect of the people on the floor and the management which is a major credit.

Peter Barnett, CFO, KR Castlemaine

Things are getting done since the workshop started