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Top Reasons to Avoid Starting Improvement Activities

Written by Steve Roger, Global Managing Director at Lauras International,based in Melbourne, Australia   As someone who interacts with many…

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DBM Roadshows – Fed up with missed production targets?

Written by Erica Bassford, Head of Aspire at Lauras International.   Concerned by a lack of sustained improvement in your factory?  …

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Labour Turnover falls – that’s good right?

Written by Erica Bassford, Head of Aspire at Lauras International. The latest annual labour turnover figures from the Engineering Employer’s Federation (EEF)…

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Why do some improvement initiatives fail?

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Practitioner at Lauras International. Once the spotlight is taken away from an area of focused improvement,…

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Frustrated with inefficient processing?

Written by Erica Bassford, Engagement Leader at Lauras International. Ever had the misfortune of cracking your mobile phone screen? If you have,…

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Written by Adrian Oliver, Practitioner at Lauras International At the Manufacturing Management Show recently, Lauras International ran a competition to see…

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We have known about that problem for ages, why did we wait until now to sort it out?