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Written by Jason Gledhill, Engagement Leader at Lauras International. A few weeks ago, my beloved wife announced that she desperately…

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I Hear What You Are Saying

Written by Jason Gledhill, Engagement Leader at Lauras International. BBC Breakfast recently highlighted a report by The Academy of Medical…

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Planning Optimisation

Written by Nathanial Marshall, Practitioner at Lauras International. You’ve no doubt heard of the 7 Waste’s but What about the…

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Never Ending Story

Written by Jason Gledhill, Head of Reliable Maintenance at Lauras International Let me tell you a story… Gather round, listen closely. Once…

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Visible Leadership

Written by Adrian Oliver, Practitioner at Lauras International   “Sorry I’ll be late home again tonight, everything will be back…

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Top Reasons to Avoid Starting Improvement Activities

Written by Steve Roger, Global Managing Director at Lauras International,based in Melbourne, Australia   As someone who interacts with many…

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It’s been running so well, we could do a crossword!


It’s brilliant! We used to produce 3 or 4 full bins of waste a day now we’re down to less than ½ a bin! The final bit of work we do should reduce it to virtually nothing!

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