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Food & Drink Conference & Exhibition UK

We’re pleased to announce that Jeremy Praud has been invited to speak at the Food and Drink Conference, the must attend event for food professionals, on October 2nd (Ricoh Arena Coventry).

This event is a one day one-stop shop for manufacturing professionals across the full industry spectrum. Over 2,000 key decision makers from the UK’s leading food processing, retail and food service industries will gather to participate in a range of seminars and panel discussions highlighting the key issues facing our industry.

The show will shine a light on top trends across the food manufacturing, retail and foodservice sectors: from improving traceability and consumer trust, transforming productivity and highlighting the latest new ingredients and super foods to make an impression on the industry.

Jeremy’s Presentation Synopsis:
A typical UK business can count on only 16% of its employees being classified as engaged (applies discretionary effort, actively drives improvements). But that balance can change with some simple changes to your management style. The talk will look at the essence of good leadership, effective communication and motivating/empowering teams – and demonstrate the importance of sharing the ‘why’ of problem solving not just the ‘what’ and how’. Plus, examples of the proven bottom line benefits of engagement on the shop floor.

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